The aim of our price transparency is to ensure our clients have the information they need to understand what our fees may be.
The prices quoted on our website will not be binding in that separate and personalised quotes and estimates will be provided to clients once they are formally engaged and provided with a Client Care Letter and Terms andConditions of Business. The rate of VAT is currently 20%.When we provide our legal services we will usually provide these services for a fixed price, which will be agreed with you prior to us providing you with any services.

The fixed price will comprise of 3 elements:
Our fixed fee
Our panel Barrister`s fixed fee
VAT payable in relation to the provision of our and our panel Barrister`s services.

Unusually we may suggest that we charge for the early stages of a piece of work by reference to an hourly rate. Such services would be provided by Head of Legal whose hourly rate will be £400 per hour plus VAT

A copy of the SRA’s Transparency Rules can be found here.